St Agnes Distillery


Established in 1910, the Angove Family Winemaker's Renmark winery and distillery was the Riverland's first winery and where the St Agnes Brandy story begun.

One of Australia's most iconic brandies had humble beginnings as Thomas Angove's idea was to create a spirit to fortify wine. In 1925, his son Carl Angove decided to make that spirit into a more lighter and delicate style Australian Brandy where he travelled to Congac to learn more about the craft and fuel his passion. 

Full of family legacy, the St Anges Brandy story has helped shape an Australian icon, receiving multiple accolades, it is one of the "World's Best". 

Learn more about the history of Angove's and St Agnes Brandy on a tour and tasting of the Distillery. Taste the heart spirit, a 10 year old brandy and their prestigeous, multi award winning 15 year old XO Brandy.

Guests of The Frames can experience an exclusive VIP tour valued at $30 per couple.

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