When Luxury Accommodation and All Five Senses Come Together

For the discerning traveller, luxury accommodation is a must have, and an important part of the experience. But it is not everything. There are many five-star resorts and hotels around the world that tick that box.

The discerning traveller wants an experience that becomes not just a sweet memory that makes them tell a good holiday story, but becomes a part of who they are. It isn’t about money and the cost of the experience. It is about the experience and how it enriches them as people.

Our goal at The Frames was to create an enriching experience on many levels. Firstly, when we used the words “luxury accommodation”, we meant it. Our retreats had to be world class, with everything our guests needed at their fingertips. Then we had to create experiences, that both showcased the best of what our region - the Riverland - had to offer, that delighted all five senses – sight, smell, taste, touch and hearing.

See – Crisp Mornings, Soft Sunsets, River Red Gums

The Frames Retreats are in the truest sense - world class luxury accommodation. When you walk in to any one of the three retreats, from the natural Australian timber floor boards to the striking artwork, each one has been designed with subtle tones and colours that rejuvenate all your senses. Enjoy a glass of wine from your balcony, soaking up the view of the Murray River lined with River Red Gums, changing its colours and hues from morning to sunset.

The Gondola Ride at sunset is a magical way to experience the sights of the Riverland’s natural diversity.

Smell – Fresh Coffee, Gourmet Meals, Australiana Bush

Stocked with local produce including freshly roasted coffee from a local artisan, each retreat features native, natural and delicious delights. Exquisite meals are cooked by a five-star gourmet chef using fine local produce, and the aromas are mouth-watering.

Be immersed in the natural scent of the Australian bush which surrounds you and cannot be missed as it wafts up to your balcony and throughout your accommodation.

Our tailored Wetlands and Wildlife Tour is exclusive to The Frames guests, taking you through estuaries and places known only to locals. Get up close and personal with the Riverland’s flora, fauna and unique aromas on this exclusive, personal tour. You'll love your gourmet lunch on the banks of the river.

Touch – Waterfall Pools, Tilting Luxury Beds, InfraRed Sauna

Wake up to your morning coffee in your king size electric, tilting bed with sheets that will have your skin swooning. The outdoor hydrotherapy pool and spa, the infrared sauna or simply the stunning natural Australian timber floors as you walk through your retreat barefoot, are all part of the tactile experience.

Taste – Flavour Safari, Gourmet Meals, Local Epicurean Delights

Take the Flavour Safari, a journey exclusive to guests that appreciate epicurean adventures. We meet growers, brewers and winemakers where you will learn about and experience the passion, the process and the result.

Using the best of our local produce, our five-star chefs prepare two and three course mouth-watering meals – our guests tell us they are always delighted.

Hear – Birdlife, Breath, River

Spend some quiet time on the balcony, especially in the morning or at night, and you will hear abundant birdlife along the Murray River. The sound of the Whistling Kite is always a welcome ring, the Black Swan has a distinctive call, the Egrets and Ibis’ are always ducking in and out of the water and the many mother Ducks are looking after their chicks. There are dozens of species of birdlife on the Murray River, and a birdlife tour will introduce you to many.

Our native land-dwelling animals – kangaroos, emus, wallabies and koalas – are just a part of the natural, gentle hum of the Murray River. 

Enjoy luxury accommodation with all five senses renewed

When you visit The Frames, you not only enjoy world-class luxury accommodation, you will also experience an enchanting awakening of all your senses.

Contact us to discuss a tailored experience that suits you and as your personalised hosts, we will ensure that your experience at the Frames will mean that you will leave here better than when you arrived.

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