St Agnes Distillery Tour

Walking into the darkness of the barrel hall, there isn’t much to be seen except shadows of the thousands of barrels, full with ageing brandy.

A sweet smell of oak and honey, with a touch of dust, fills the air. “We lose a certain percentage of brandy to the Angels” Richard Angove informs the group. I smile knowing that the escaping Brandy I can smell on the air is being shared with a different kind of spirit.The barrel hall is a part of the larger winery and distillery complex established in 1910 by the Angove Family. It was the first of its kind in the Riverland and to this day it is still supplied with 100% Riverland grapes to produce the multi award winning St Agnes Brandy.

The St Agnes story begun when in 1925 Carl Angove explored the distilling process and from there passion has always been a key ingredient in the St Agnes brand.

Carl devoted much time to learning the fine art of distilling, the aim to produce a pure spirit of an Australian style. Safe to say, he unlocked those secrets and in 1964 St Agnes won it’s first “World Best” award with more to come.

Weaving in and out of the tremendous Jarrah holding tanks, Richard mentions that Saint Agnes is the patron saint of purity. St Agnes is also a town in Cornwall, where the Angove family traces their lineage from. Personality and family legacy has been intertwined beautifully, giving St Agnes Brandy its own identity, continuing to tell a story that is more than just ageing spirit in French oak barrels.

Informative and personal, the Angove Family share their legacy through a premium brandy. On a tour of the distillery and the barrel hall you will feel as if you are walking through a family home with a long lost cousin. Discovering what the heart spirit is and tasting a sleeping adolescent brandy are among the highlights of this tour, a must do for anyone. Even those who are yet to be introduced to the third most consumed spirit in the world.  

Guests of The Frames can experience the distillery tour on an exclusive VIP tour at no cost. Ask about it when you book.


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