Renmark's Local Coffee Roasters

Arrosto Coffee's coffee shop is set in the newly restored Renmark Fire Station and is a bright and earthly coffee house which mimics a city café but delivers a relaxed country atmosphere and interesting coffee blends.

Born out of frustration at not being about the source local coffee, Callum Benda began experimenting and roasting his own blends at his home in Renmark. Fast forward a few years, the brand has grown, won many awards for their coffee and opened up a coffee cellar door.

Their cellar door isn’t your typical cellar door, it's set in the old Renmark Fire Station and the history still lingers. Serving up a range of coffee beverages (some even alcoholic) it’s our pick for coffee in Renmark.

Here’s five reasons we think you should stop in during your stay:

1. Interesting coffee cellar door

The history of the building can be spotted everywhere from the axe shaped door handles to the original fire hydrant that has been recommissioned to a working beer tap. Even the Arrosto label features a fireman’s hat and axe bringing something playful to the brand.


2. Locally roasted coffee

All the coffee is roasted on site and is carefully selected by Callum. Naming of the blends reflect the buildings history with Ladder 59, Engine 152 and Firehouse Blend. On the menu you will also find single origin blends from Guatemala and the ever growing in popularity, cold drip (perfect for iced coffees).  

3. Coffee workshops

Callum’s passion for coffee is infectious and his knowledge is great. If there is a workshop happening during your stay we recommend trying to attend. No matter what your level of coffee knowledge, you may pick up a new skill, or find your dream coffee machine.

4. A consistently great coffee

We believe that Arrosto is the best place to get coffee in Renmark! It’s a big call but we love the coffee and the atmosphere in which the coffee is consumed. The perfect combination.

5. You can sip on espresso martinis

At select times, you can enjoy their Firehouse Espresso Martini with their own brewed cold drip coffee or try the collaborative beer with the Woolshed Brewery - Coffee Stout. Both are delicious and will provide that afternoon pick me up!

Also while you’re there, enjoy some homemade treats and ask your barista for advice on perfecting your coffee skills at home!

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