Reasons You Need to Take That Holiday

One of the reasons Ricky & Cathy Edmonds created The Frames was because they couldn’t find a place anywhere else in Australia that provided the right mix of privacy and luxury. They were searching for a place where they could completely escape the world outside and spend time with just each other to catch up on all the small important details of life that often fall to the bottom of the ‘discussion list’.

Busy schedules mean we often don’t make the time to ‘hang’ out with our partner, but we should as it’s this uninterrupted time together that enables couples to reconnect with our inner ‘Best Friends’.

Here are a few of the other reasons we think booking that annual leave is something you should do totally guilt free.

Make space in your mind

When we step away from our phones, emails and the constant need to give others our undivided attention, we create space for our own thoughts. We give ourselves the ability to notice things we didn’t before like how our partner’s eyebrows come together when trying to choose off the menu and then they end up ordering one of everything.

Giving yourself the space to think, or rather – to not think about too much – you may stumble upon new feelings or realise new personal values. And where’s a better place to give yourself space than cruising along the Murray River, far enough away from civilisation and just out of phone range!

Time to reconnect

While you’re making space for your own thoughts, you’re also making some emotional space to reconnect with your partner. Take away stress, the long list of things to do and organising who’s going to feed the dog, and there’s a nice big love-heart shaped gap in your dialect to talk about those future hopes and dreams whether they are an around the world trip or a dream home.

Good communication is the key to all relationships and when you’re on holidays, there’s plenty of time to discuss the important and the not so important topics, and maybe even those prickly topics that are uncomfortable, but ultimately help bring you back together.

Explore somewhere new

One of the reasons people travel is to explore new destinations and cultures, call it our natural curiosity or mans need to conquer every inch of the earth, there’s no denying the anticipated excitement of travel and arriving in a new destination.

Travelling encourages us to problem solve, listen and has education aspects that feed our curiosity and help build our life story and experiences. How often have you faced adversity while travelling and when you look back, it was the funniest time of your life?

Create Memories

We are but a sum of our memories, every moment of the day becomes a memory so make sure those moments are executed with meaning and spend it with those you love. Travel brings a new suite of memories to each person, some tales are funny and some are normal, but I bet you don’t regret the memories you have of all your grand adventures.

So….what are you waiting for? Travel Today!


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