Go on a Flavour Safari in the Riverland

The word ‘safari’ typically means an expedition to observe or hunt animals in their natural habitat. So when ‘safari’ is accompanied by the word ‘flavour’, one could assume that a flavour safari is an adventure to seek out all things delicious that make your tastebuds sing.

Where would one go to experience a flavour safari? The food bowl of South Australia of course!

Showcasing locally produced food and beverages within 20km of Renmark, The Flavour Safari is a food tour guided by locals. The aim of the safari is to help visitors recognise the diversity and significance of the region’s primary production. Oh and to help hungry tourists hunt down the best local produce!

Through taste, sight, smell and storytelling, The Flavour Safari makes it easy for you to taste and learn about the different stages of almond, wine, fruit and beer production.  

At Almondco Almond Hut, a tour through the packing and sorting facility gives insight into the scale and effort it takes to sort, roast, blanch and slice almonds. More than 100 almond products are featured at the Hut, including 100% Australian almond Almond Milk, hot & spicy almonds, chocolate coated almonds, almond paste, flours and muesli.

Passion for the Riverland is a common theme amongst producers showcased on the tour. Mallee Estates winemaker, Jim Markeas, is no exception as he shares his passion through stories of his family’s history of winemaking in the Riverland. Mallee Estates are committed to producing quality Riverland wine, of which has already been recognised by the New York International Wine Show as the Riverland Winery of the Year.

It’s no secret that horticulture is the main industry for the Riverland. Vineyards, citrus and almond orchards, vegetables and stonefruit orchards can all be seen when travelling through the region. The Flavour Safari takes you off the main road and lets you walk under the canopy of stonefruit trees, bringing you closer to the source. Hopefully, if the season is right, you will be able to pick juicy fruit straight of the tree for enjoying! If not at the orchard, then you will be able to taste at Riverland Sunfresh, a local fruit and vegetable store and distributer, sending the best fruit into homes all around Australia.

There is one brewery currently in the Riverland and it is set in a 100 year old shearing shed with prime river front views. The Woolshed Brewery is a favourite with locals and a must visit for tourists. A visit on brewing day is a treat, the smell of hops and lanolin sparking nostalgic memories of past and present. The Riverland is diversifying in regards to beverage production and the Woolshed Brewery produces seven types of brews inspired by local life. Taste them all and enjoy lunch on the river front deck to complete the tour.

A new addition to the tour is a visit to the 23rd Street Distillery opened recently, where you will be taken on a tour of the distillery and taste their gin, whisky and brandy made right here in the Riverland.

The Flavour Safari starts and ends in Renmark, 9-2pm. Operating Friday throughout summer. If you are a guest with The Frames, talk to us about helping to organise a Favour Safari when you visit. We can organise a private tour any day of the week subject to availability. It really is an experience that provides great insight into our region, and we couldn’t recommend it more.

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