Best viewpoints of the Murray River

From above ground level you can see things you would have never before seen and also understand how we fit within our landscape. In the Riverland it can get confusing orientating yourself and knowing whether you are up or down, this side or that.

We find it fascinating to sit on one side of the river and figure out what lays across the water, past the floodplains on the other side.

The best ways to get a good sense on the breadth of the river valley is to get up high somewhere, like a lookout tower, and just gaze out into the vast landscape.

Here are some of the best view points in the Riverland where we like to visit and admire the true enormity of the might Murray River.

From your balcony at The Frames you have the prime viewing spot (and comfy couch) to watch the sun dip behind the horizon.



Along Coach Road at Overland Corner, get a bird’s eye view over the floodplain and wetlands. During high river events, this is a great place to see how quickly the floodplain become inundated with water, giving a much needed drink.

Take a walk in Waikerie along the cliff top trail and climb the stairs to the lookout and watch the ferry move back and forth across the river and see how many pelicans there are floating on Jaeshke's Lagoon. 



At Wilabalangaloo in Berri, there is a short walking trail to a lookout that provides panoramic views of the Murray River and floodplain eucalypt forests.

The most famous of all Riverland viewpoints is a 10 minute drive from The Frames to Heading's Cliff lookout. Headings Cliffs are a spectacular shade of orange and upon sunset they are lit up by the intense sun. Well worth the visit.




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