An Exclusive Riverland Wildlife Experience by Boat

When is the last time you truly immersed yourself in nature, turned your phone off, sat outdoors, closed your eyes and listened to the harmony of the birds above?


When visiting The Frames, we want you to truly unwind, connect with your loved ones and appreciate the quiet beauty of the Murray River.


Our exclusive guided Wetland & Wildlife Safari takes you through the creeks and wetlands of the Murray River where you will experience breathtaking views and encounter diverse wildlife and birds of the region including; Pelicans, Whistling Kites & Purple Swamphen.



Pelicans are a large water bird with a long beak and a large throat pouch used for catching prey. An adult Pelican can have a wingspan up to 3.5 metres and are truly mesmerizing to watch. They are often seen soaring the skies or walking on the bank of the Murray River.



The Whistling Kite is a bird of prey and has a shaggy appearance. It is often spotted near water or around farms searching for carrion and small live animals such as mammals, birds, fish & insects.

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Purple Swamphen have unique colouring and are unlike other wetland species who have dull colouring to aid camouflage. As the Purple Swamphen walks, it flicks its tail up and down revealing its white under tail. The Purple Swamphen is a competent swimmer but is often spotted meandering on the edges of the water.


Our Wetland & Wildlife Safari includes morning tea, gourmet lunch, refreshments and an optional visit to the Wilkadene Woolshed Brewery. It is truly a unique and authentic experience for visitors to our region.


Once you’ve enjoyed your private Wetland & Wildlife Safari with The Frames, you might like to explore the other quality birdwatching sites in the Riverland.




Gluepot Reserve is Australia’s largest community managed and operated conservation reserve. It is part of the largest block of intact Mallee left in Australia and has been referred to as “one of the conservation miracles of the 21st century.”


Six nationally threatened bird species and 17 regionally threatened bird species can be found on Gluepot Reserve. These include Malleefowl, Black-eared Miner, Regent Parrot and Major Mitchell.  In total 190 different bird species have been recorded at Gluepot Reserve.


Gluepot Reserve is located 64 kilometers out of Waikerie which makes for a three-hour drive from The Frames. If making the trip be sure to stop half way for lunch at the Historic Overland Corner Hotel (the oldest building in the Riverland).


Key features of Gluepot Reserve include driving and walking tracks, bird hides and a visitor information center. 


To view a comprehensive local birdwatching guide click here.

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