5 reasons the Riverland should be on your bucket list

The Riverland is a beautiful part of South Australia that is worth while exploring and being within a 3 hour drive from Adelaide, even the road trip will be an adventure!

It’s obvious that we love the Riverland, it is where we grew up, where we raised our family and we have many fond memories. We want to help you experience it as a local would so you too can have cherish memories of your time here.

The Riverland has slowly evolved over the years, increasing in popularity with travellers as new experiences emerge. If you’re wondering why you should put the Riverland on your bucket list, read on to help us persuade you.

The Murray River

Australia’s longest navigable river is one of the main reasons you should visit the Riverland. The Murray River is 2,500km long and 400km of the river snakes it way through the inland Mallee country of the Riverland.

Entering from Victoria, the river carves a path through the landscape, heading south to where it leaves the land and spills into the Indian Ocean. The Murray River is important for the survival of a range of environments, communities and industries such as agriculture and tourism.

When people visit the Riverland, they are often surprised by the beauty of the Murray River. It is different to what they had imagined, wider, heathy and abundant with wildlife.

The best way to explore the Murray River is on our exclusive Wetland & Wildlife Cruise where you get the chance to view kangaroos, emus, pelicans and black swans in their natural habitat along the river bank.



The Frames (of course!)

The Frames is the only luxury multi villa accommodation in South Australia that offers a combination of self-contained, total privacy, one night stays, private pools, saunas and spa.

Staying at The Frames is like staying at an exotic resort with all the desirable facilities – pool, spa, sauna and king beds – but within the complete privacy of your own villa.  

Another difference of our retreats is us! Our small family business is passionate about pleasing our guests and we often develop a strong relationship with them. There’s not much we won’t do to help make your stay enjoyable and personal.



Taste Fresh Produce

The Riverland is known for growing clean and premium fruit and vegetables. Lovingly nicknamed South Australia’s food bowl, a range of food is grown here including figs, stonefruit, cherries, almonds, citrus, pistachios and a range of native bush food.

Riverland growers are innovative and alternative crops are emerging across the region. There is even a local hydroponics scene and native fish, Murray Cod and Callop (Golden Perch), are being sustainably farmed.

If you’re interested in knowing more about where food comes from, The Flavour Safari is a tour that introduces you to the farmers, producers and winemakers in the region and you will be able to sample the freshest in season produce.

Sip boutique beverages with a view of the Murray River

Along with growing the most delicious stonefruit, the Riverland has an emerging boutique wine, beer & spirits scene. There are cellar doors & breweries on the banks of the Murray River, historic wineries and environmentally friendly winemakers.

Organic and biodynamic wine making practices are popular in the Riverland, delivering a style of wine that compliments the region’s hot temperate climate. Alternative varieties are also increasing in popularity and Lagrein, Tempranillo & Nero d’Avola are some of the red varieties commonly tasted.

A brewery and two distilleries are worth the visit too, all rich in history, have brought new life to a 100 year old woolshed, an unused winery and the other was the first winery to be built in the Riverland.



Experience the Australian Bush

If there is another reason to visit the Riverland, it’s to immerse yourself in the environment. The quiet stillness of the Australian bush is calming and best captured while canoeing along creeks or walking under a skyscraper tall eucalypt forest.  

Being in the bush is an active style of meditation, without other distractions, you are forced to take notice of the sounds & smells. There is space to breath, think and even spot wildlife going about their daily business.

Along the Murray, it is quiet. The environment here isn’t easily accessible and it will seem as if you’re the first person to explore it.

We recommend exploring with Murray River Walk and Canoe the Riverland, guided tours are perfect for going off the beaten track. However, if you prefer a path, ask us about walking trails nearby.


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