5 of the Best Sunsets Captured at The Frames

The Riverland sky puts on a magical visual display every evening as the sun goes down. There’s something about sunsets that makes you slow down, breathe a little deeper and truly appreciate the beauty of earth.


You can experience sunset views from all of our private retreat balconies or from a different perspective on our Sunset Gondola Cruise. If you’re wanting a romantic getaway in South Australia, this add on will definitely ignite the romance!


Our most liked photos on our Facebook and Instagram page are of sunsets experienced at The Frames.


Take a look for yourself and you’ll see why.


1. Sky high views of our Montage Retreat


2. This view was from the comfort of our restored 100-year-old classic wooden boat


3. A proposal set up with breathtaking sunset views. Who could say no to this?






























4. Balmy nights in your private pool are even better with sunset views like this


5. An artistic image that captures the clever design of our retreats and the beauty of the sky



If you've snapped a picture of a great Riverland sunset, we would love you to share it with us. #TheFramesRiverlandLuxury


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