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Get Local Recommendations, Learn About Upcoming Local Events And See What Our Guests Love About Their Stay At The Frames


Showcasing the Riverland through Local Produce

We recommend that all our guests stop at Illalangi which is a family-owned and run, grower, producer and providore based at Waikerie, selling and supporting a range of locally produced gourmet artisan products including giftware to showcase and to celebrate their passion for the region and premium clean green produce. In their small onsite kitchen, dukkah, olive oil, olives, chutneys and relishes are created.

Best in South Australia – Self Contained Accommodation

For the fifth consecutive year, The Frames has been awarded one of the states highest accolades in accommodation taking home the top award for Self Contained Accommodation.

A New Gin Blending Experience

Let your senses lead the way as you explore the taste profiles of 23rd Street Distillery’s botanical distillates to create your own exclusive signature blend of gin with a private masterclass.

Make the Perfect Marriage Proposal

If you have been thinking about creating the perfect marriage proposal that will be remembered sweetly till the end of your days, then we can help make this a reality.  Imagine walking into a luxury cliff top retreat, the entrance lined with scented candles, champagne waiting on arrival.

Luxury Retreats for a Romantic Winter Getaway in the Riverland

Imagine fresh and cold mornings, beautiful sunny days, cosy fires at night, heated pools and hot spas under the stars, and heated floors to walk barefoot upon……Add to that five-star gourmet meals and you have the perfect romantic winter getaway only three hours from Adelaide!

Helping You Uncover the Riverland

The Frames is more than an accommodation, offering a range of optional experiences to guests that aim to provide you with a greater depth of understanding of the Murray River, the unique environment and the diversity of the Riverland's local produce.

Gin Tasting in the Riverland


The Importance of A Romantic Weekend Away

It’s no secret that being busy in today’s society is somewhat of an Olympic sport. We commit much time to building careers, raising children and giving back to our community.

Best in Australia - Self Contained Accommodation

For the second consecutive year, The Frames has been recognised for a high commitment to tourism excellence, awarded as winners in the self-contained accommodation category at 2017 Qantas Australian Tourism awards.

Renmark's Local Coffee Roasters

Arrosto Coffee have been the source of locally roasted coffee beans in the Riverland for some time now. From simply roasting delicious blends to opening a coffee shop, Arrosto Coffee are innovative and produce a great cup of coffee time and time again.

Reasons You Need to Take That Holiday

Do you ‘live to work’ or ‘work to live’? It can be hard maintaining the work life balance but there are so many reasons you should not feel guilty about stepping away from the office for any amount of time. Taking regular time out to relax your mind and reconnect with yourself and family can help you live a fuller, possibly longer life.

Highlights from Grateful Guests

“My husband was totally shocked! He walked around for about 2 hours completely dumbfounded!” We love it when our guests arrange a stay at The Frames as a surprise for their partner!

Best viewpoints of the Murray River

Sights that leave you breathless are ones worth the adventure to get there. There are some great places to view the Murray River, ready to find out where they are?

5 reasons the Riverland should be on your bucket list

When thinking of places to put on your bucket list, the Riverland may not come to mind, but we think it’s worthy of your travel aspirations, read on to find out why.

Where to Dine in Renmark

Dining out is an experience that comes hand in hand with holidays. It enables us to involve ourselves in the culture of the destination and the Riverland is no exception, where dining out uncovers the multi-cultural influence of the region.